Enhancing A Long Ago Pasta Salad

I don't know but when it comes to salads, I am crazy about the classic macaroni salad recipe. Perhaps it's the salad that I'm most probably good at, or it's the only recipe I know, lol :-). But honestly, I like the simplicity of everything, aside from easy to collect ingredients, everyone still enjoys the same salad tradition that reminds us of childhood family get-togethers. 

Many people love pasta salads because they are easy to prepare and appetizing to serve. Others enjoy alternating the ingredients to change the salad like using tuna (since it became popular), ham, or luncheon meat (instead of chicken) along with chopped radish or pepper to substitute celery. There are a lot of a classic macaroni salad recipes and you too may have your own version. Creating your own imagination to enhance something of olden taste surely would work just fine. Each tastes great in pasta salads.

With the many pasta salad ideas today, I still insist on my mother's classic macaroni salad recipe. I like nothing more than the blend of pineapple tidbits and crisp apples, celery, onions, hard-boiled eggs, mayo, cheese, sweet pickle relish, and of course the star of all, elbow macaroni. It's a lucky thing I can find light mayonnaise available today, compared to the very rich dressing of the old times, now I don't use full fat any longer. 

So no matter the "not-so-healthy" reviews about mayo-dressed salads, I don't feel guilty serving it, and even if no one would notice the kind of dressing I use, it makes the salad healthier, at least.

It could sound strange, but as far as chicken in the salad, it can easily be changed to ham, corned beef, tuna, seafood, or anything you wish. Salmon is also great but flavor is not for me so it's not on my list. If you have salmon available, try it... remember it's world-renown healthy and delicious!  

When using seafood, use chopped vegetables instead of sweetened fruits, then a lot of green onion, or chives to make your new classic macaroni salad sparkle. Horseradish, cayenne pepper, or a seasoned pepper can be a zippy addition. Just do try it. :=)